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    Thanks to the work of our company, people who live in Europe and the former Soviet Union countries can acquire cheap, qualitative and modern goods at US online stores. The goods are sold at acceptable prices and delivered to our customers within a very short time because a large number of employees work for our company practically in every state of the USA. We are trying to make the purchase process as easy as possible. We have already helped thousands of customers to acquire goods and managed to bring the process of purchasing and supplying goods to perfection using our unique automated system.


    With our help, you have an opportunity to make an order at a real American address. It allows acquiring necessary goods at online stores which do not sell articles to US non-residents. The addresses we provide to customers are the real addresses of our employees in the USA. Every order you will make will be supplied to our employees. Then the order will be sent to one of our partners’ warehouses, and after this, it will be delivered to any place you will point out.
    Some orders can be delivered from our employees directly to you without being sent to the warehouses.

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    Real american addresses

    You will have your own real American addresses and a personal manager for solving all issues connected with the order. The manager will check all goods before shipping them to you. Forget about the problems with returning the goods, expensive phone calls and tiring talks with forwarding companies. All you need is to say what you want, and you will get it in fine fashion within the shortest time possible. Our employees work quickly, reliably and professionally.

    Order Processing

    Your order is under our personal protection from the first minute it has been made and up to the moment when you get it. We entirely control the fulfillment of obligations by the store and shipping company and insure ordered goods.

    Parcel Consolidation

    It is possible to consolidate parcels to achieve full convenience and save money. You can order different items at different stores and get them in one parcel paying for one shipment. Our employee will gather goods you ordered at different stores and send them to you using any comfortable forwarding mode. You can combine your orders with the ones of your friends and familiars a get common parcels which will let you save significant sums of money on shipping expenditures.


    Ideal conditions of storage and transportation are provided for our customers. We have employees in any state of the USA. With their help, it is possible to optimize the terms of shipment and choose the best mode of forwarding so that your goods will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

    Personal Shopper Service

    Our personal manager is at your disposal. We want your purchases to be really useful and highly profitable to you. Our specialist is ready to help you solve the following questions:
    Analyzing the availability of the goods you need at US online stores
    Comparing the prices of the goods you are interested in at various shops
    Accompanying your order until it is delivered to you.

    Special offers

    Special offers are available for our customers. We are always ready to help you choose the cheapest goods possible and assist in saving money on transportation costs. We accept a large number of goods, consolidate numerous purchases and send them to our customers.


    We send customer goods to the warehouses of our partnering logistic companies and form an insurance policy for every cargo. We determine which mode of forwarding is the most suitable for you, fill in the necessary declarations and accompanying documents.

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    Viktor Tischenko


    I ordered a road case at one of the US online stores and applied to BEST SHOP USA. I couldn’t pay the order on my own. The company’s service really helped me. I managed to save money and buy the case at a cheaper price than at our local offline stores. The order was surprisingly delivered to me very quickly.


    Asta Savitskene


    I have bought clothes at American online stores for one and a half year already. I use only the services of BEST SHOP USA. I obliged to look stylish since I have a responsible job. I do not have time for offline shopping. I am satisfied with everything offered by BEST SHOP USA.


    Veniamin Avdeev


    I have three daughters and a very beautiful wife. No money will be enough to dress them all at expensive boutiques. It is wonderful that we started buying things at American online stores. Everyone is happy, and I am happy more than everybody! I have never had any problems with the delivery. My wife says we have no problems with quality as well. Thanks to BEST SHOP USA.


    Ashot Beridze


    When I made my first order, I purchased a note book. Firstly, I doubted in online shopping. This mainly because I was buying a technical device. As a result, I received a qualitative and reliable notebook which still perfectly works. My second order was a smart phone. Everything was great again!


    Irina Khrabrova


    It was difficult to assure my parents to buy a chic gym suit, jogging shoes and tennis racket using the services of BEST SHOP USA. Everything appeared wonderful. Now my mom and dad are fans of online shopping. Online shopping rules!


    Urmas Heive


    I like American online stores for their convenience. I have quickly found what I want and learnt whether these goods are in stock. Before I had applied to BEST SHOP USA, I made a few orders on my own, faced up with many problems and lost much time. Now everything is simpler.


    Rinat Bakiev


    When I made my first order, I purchased a note book. Firstly, I doubted in online shopping. This mainly because I was buying a technical device. As a result, I received a qualitative and reliable notebook which still perfectly works. My second order was a smart phone. Everything was great again!


    Anna Svyatskaya


    My little son wanted to have a bike he found on the Internet. It was impossible to buy it. This store does not sell goods outside the USA. We have started looking for a solution. We have managed to solve our problem with BEST SHOP USA. Thank you for help.


    Igor Petrenko


    Anyone can say anything, but goods jeans can be purchased only in the USA. The choice is extremely large, the size is always suitable, and the quality is perfect. The jeans look stylish and can be worn long. I purchase jeans only with BEST SHOP USA.


    Ilmars Klein


    This was the first time I had applied to BEST SHOP USA. The order was very specific. Full confidentiality was required. The order was delivered quickly and on time. I am grateful to the company managers for their aid.


    Marina Yakovenko


    I dress my baby only at American online stores. Babies are nowhere taken as much care of as in the USA. I trust BEST SHOP USA like myself.


    Ripsime Vardanyan


    I lived in the USA for three years. After this, I came back to Armenia. For this time, I have got used to qualitative goods sold at acceptable prices. It appeared that I needn’t change my habits. Thank you for your qualified and hard work!

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